The Journey of our 95 M-Edition Miata

Hi, my name is Scott, owner of the company Spinnywhoosh and this is the story(thus far) of my Miata. I've had so many amazing experiences with this car. Her name in Josephine and she's my 3rd Miata. Purchased in 2015 from Randy George of MazdaRoadster, this 95 M-Edition was lightly modified with an exhaust and Racing Beat headers & Anti-sway bars by an older gentleman in CO for AutoX and had only 32k miles on it. Currently the car has about 112k mile and has gone through numerous phases and heavy modification, the deadline of each transformation being Miatas at the Gap each year.

95 M Edition Merlot Miata

In 2016/17 I added the silver center stripe to the car along with Carbon Miata taillights and a Cobalt dual exit exhaust for a great sound. I also swapped out the top for a black Robbins zipper top for a cleaner look along with numerous other visual mods including a partnership with LRB Speed and wrapping their aluminum door panels with my vinyl graphics. Overall, power wise, the car stayed the same with NA power.

Carbon Miata Tail Lights

2018/19 things really started to get spicy. The business started picking up with the introduction of LRB doorcards and graphics along with racing numbers and the immense support of the Miata community! The paint on the rear of the car really started to turn with the clear coat pealing badly so I decided to wrap the full rear of the car in a 3M Anthracite Grey with the help of IG @mintyfreshgarage. The separation being the large M-edition between the grey and merlot. Visually I added a Racing Beat Type II front bumper, Boss Frog Double Hoop rollbar and Brainstorm Labs low pro headlights. I also replaced my 15x7 Enkei RPF1s with some MUCH better fitting 15x8 SBC RPF1s that I still miss to this day. The biggest change in 2019 was in Powahhh! Years ago a friend had a M45 Eaton supercharger on his car and I loved it! Loved the sound and instant power and knew that was the route I wanted to take it. Even with a company name like Spinnywhoosh, lol.

Miata MP62 Supercharger Kit

So far I've had 3 variations of superchargers between 2019 and 2021. A first gen Sebring M45 that maxed out at 5-6 PSI which I swapped out to a later gen Jackson Racing M45 with 42.5mm head pulley and TDR overlay pulley putting out 10 PSI and finally my current setup, an older BRP MP62 kit with full TDR intercooler kit that makes a whopping 14 PSI and 250 HP to the wheels.

Spinnywhoosh Gold Wave Miata Livery

In 2020 I installed one of my favorite liveries, the Gold Wave! The entire theme included a massive graphic on the side that ran on to the hardtop and side windows and not only matched the Anthracite Grey but the Merlot as well. It tied into the full aluminum door card, custom gauges and badges made in collaboration with Adam of Revlimiter, cooling panel and rear cowl panel graphics in the engine bay and gold wave themed sponsor decals throughout the car. I also did some hefty modifications to the CarbonMiata taillights that I frequently get asked about. I installed aftermarket Lotus taillights from Greg's Race Parts for an extremely clean look over CM's round trailer lights.

Spinnywhoosh Fastback Miata at Tail of the Dragon

Finally, here we are in 2022 after some extreme modifications through 2020/21. In early 2020 I ordered a fastback Targa top from Panos of Hardcore Design in Greece. Unfortunately between health issues and the rise of Covid-19 it took TWO YEARS for the top to be completed but I can say hands down, the wait was worth it! I was always on the fence for the fast back as it is a more permanent application over the OEM hardtop that could be removed and still be able to enjoy the topdown life. However the Targa function really sold me on it! Once the top arrived I had two options, paint it or wrap it and the paint quotes I was getting were almost as much as the top itself! So I decided to develop a new livery on the car. I wanted something a bit more flashy as the dark of the Merlot I felt was always overshadowed by brighter cars. Enter the Wings Livery using two shades of die-cut metallic blue vinyl and sponsor logos outlined in chrome to really make them POP! In addition to the new fastback and livery I also installed the FM Wilwood Big Brake Kit, 15x8 Advan TC-4 Wheels and hood louvers from Spiked Performance. Visually I upgraded my old BS low pros with Cobalt low pro headlights which are a HUGE upgrade and added in some Car Make Corn's seats.

Spinnywhoosh Scott

That's it! I hope you enjoyed reading about my Miata journey thus far, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me on IG @Spinnywhoosh or my personal IG that focuses more on my build IG @theonetruescotty. What's next for the car? I have been heavily considering going back to merlot but as the owner of a vinyl wrap shop, it's just easier going that route and while the superchargers were fun, I'm ready for some Spinnywhoosh noises. For the heart, well, let's just say it begins with a K... Always a new project around that corner as that's what I enjoy!

-Scott Simsa
Owner, Spinnywhoosh Graphics


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