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We are very excited to become the exclusive US distributor for Burnout! This game was developed by our friends at SlightlyMadCustoms up in Calgary, Alberta. Burnout is a game designed by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts! This game is similar to other party games you've probably played before, except this one...
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Decal mystery packs are back! Basically we end up cutting loads of extra decals in every batch and end up being thrown in a box, never to be seen again. There are all sorts of colors and sizes of decals you can find on our website and others and we've...
 The batch of Miata face Air Fresheners were pulled from our Neon Floral Miata Towels and feature some of the most gnarly colors your see on a Miata! Each air freshener features Miatas at the Gap 2021 branding on the back side and choose between NA, NB, NC and ND...
$7.50 $15.00
This is our 2021 Swag Pack! We assembled tons of these for Miatas at the Gap 2021 and have plenty leftover EXCEPT the --- Fiery Orange swag pack, that is super limited and includes a very special slap sticker we've created using the remaining 3M Fiery Orange Vinyl used to wrap our...
$4.00 $5.00
The perfect little pin for any collection, we've put together a pin for all 4 generation Miatas, NA - NB - NC - ND! This pin features an antique copper base and white filling. The perfect small size measuring in at just 1" can fit in a wide variety of...
$2.00 $4.00
Brand new 2021 Spnywoosh logo decals are here! Shown here in Silver Oilslick Vinyl. Decal available in your choice of size and color. This is a die-cut vinyl decal meaning there is no background, only the design shown in black. Vinyl decals are 100% waterproof. Size refers to horizontal length. You can...
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Expect some other stickers and goodies to be added in with your order <3 Size: M12x1.5, M12x1.25 Quantity: 20pcs Length: 48mm Weight: About 26g - .9oz Material: Titanium Made out of Super Alloy Titanium, 60 degree tapered head for perfect fitment into your wheels. 48mm length from top to bottom. Super light and...
$45.00 $60.00
This set contains 4 LED strips controlled by a bluetooth receiver and downloadable app. Color combinations are endless and has multi-color strobe and pulse features. Perfect for any occasion. Installation instructions can be found here: INSTALLATION Size – 2x 47″ LED strips and 2x 35″ LED strips Controller – Bluetooth App(Apple...
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$68.00 $80.00
Pink Flowers
Blue Flowers
Red Flowers
Violet Flowers
Gold Flowers
White Flowers
Our Cherry Blossom Tree Livery design includes full color printed decals for both sides of the car. This Decal set is guaranteed to last up to 3 years without cracking or fading. Starting 2020 we've updated this livery a bit now including more flowers, an XL package for larger vehicles and BLUE, RED...
$22.50 $30.00
One of our most popular Spinnywhoosh designs, this Hoodie features the flagship JDM cars of the 90’s in this Spinnywhoosh original design.    A cozy, no-nonsense hoodie to keep you warm 9-ounce, 50/50 cotton/poly fleece Air jet yarn for a soft, pill-resistant finish Two-Ply Hood Set in Sleeves with rib...
$22.50 $30.00
Back by popular demand is our Pink Stance Miata hoodie! Our Stance Miata Hoodie pays tribute to the MX-5 Miata Roadster. It features a NA Miata and the Japanese translation of ZOOM ZOOM – “ズームズーム” This was one of our first and most popular of our Miata apparel lineup! ...
$1.50 $3.00
By far one of our favorite vinyl decals! Mazda Roadster Japanese Decal available in your choice of size and color. The bottom Japanese text reads "Roadster". 6" fits perfect in NA and NB Miata corner windows.  This is a die-cut vinyl decal meaning there is no background, only the design...
This is our custom Miata headliner vinyl wrap. You can choose one of the designs as shown or provide a custom design(Email us to do this and we can work with you!). This design is printed on rapid air release wrap vinyl and laminated to last! Our headliners will fit...
$2.50 $5.00
This is our custom Instagram username vinyl decal featuring the current Insta icon in your choice of size and color! Input text as you would like it to appear in decal. @ symbol is NOT automatically added This is a die-cut vinyl decal meaning there is no background, only the...
$2.50 $5.00
The very first Slap Sticker that we designed, we have revamped this decal in late 2020 Size: 8"x2.75" Guarantee: 6 Years Outside / 10 Years Inside UV protective lamination Safe for any surface including car paint / windows Customizable Features Limited Quantity Depending on how these go, expect more slap...
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$4.90 $15.00
This product contains our 300mm Convex Curved Broadway Mirrors with Glare-Resistant Blue Glass. Tired of getting blinded in your lowered car? This universal fit clip-on rear view mirror is the answer you've been looking for. This clips directly into your rear view mirror.  Choose from one of our custom mirror...