Windshield Banner Installation

To install your banner start by placing the banner on your windshield perfectly even. Place two small pieces of tape on both left and right sides to hold it up and one stripe of tape down the center coming off the top and bottom of your banner, this will act as a hinge.

Out one side of that banner up to the hinge and peel down the paper backing, cutting the paper off at the hinge. Spray the back of the now exposed adhesive backing of the banner and windshield. DO NOT GET THE PAPER FOR THE OTHER SIDE WET.

Take a squeegee(credit card will also work) and slowly lay the banner down, squeegeeing out the water as you go until the first side is completely laid and bubble free.

Next do the same to the other side, remove the center tape, discard remaining paper backing, spray, squeegee! Once both side have been laid, slowly peel back the transfer tape from the banner. The decal should remain placed on windshield but specialty materials like sparkle, chrome, oilslick take extra time to dry.