Windshield Banner Installation


To install your Spinnywhoosh banner start by placing the banner on your windshield perfectly even. Place two small pieces of tape on both left and right sides to hold it up and one longer strip of tape down the center coming off the top and bottom of your banner, this will act as a hinge.

Pull one side of the banner up to the hinge and peel down the paper backing, leaving the vinyl banner material stuck to the transfer tap. Cut the backing paper off at the hinge. Spray the back of the now exposed adhesive backing of the banner and windshield. Do not get the paper backing from the other side wet.

Take a squeegee(credit card will also work) and slowly lay the banner down, squeegeeing out the water as you go until the first side is completely laid and bubble free.

Next do the same to the other side. Remove the center tape, discard remaining paper backing, spray, squeegee! Once both sides have been laid, slowly peel back the transfer tape from the banner.


  • It is easiest to apply banners to a warm windshield over cold. If possible, moderately heat with a heat gun. However do not over heat.
  • Beware of heavy wind when installing.
  • Specialty materials such as oilslick, sparkle, etc should be applied dry.