The History of Spinnywhoosh - 10 Years in the Making

A big thanks to all of you that have supported me throughout the years! Without you, none of this could be possible and I would not be able to do what I love as a full time job today. I figured today I would take a look back at how it all began and make a quick blog post! 

I started Spinnywhoosh in early 2014 as a side project while working at a digital ad agency as a graphics designer. My white Miata was hit in a parking garage and I used the insurance payout to instead purchase a cheap vinyl plotter and rolls of vinyl material!

Soon after, I decided I wanted to start a brand to sell my stickers. At the time I was in a local car friend group on FB named "Spinnywoosh". Just like that, BAM, it had a name! I was, and still am, very active in the Miata community so I chose that as my niche. I created tons of designs, side stripes, and eventually racing numbers, built a website and started using the skills I had learned over the years as a graphic designer and web designer to create my brand.

Within a few months business was booming, so much in fact that I did the math and I was just able to pay my core bills on this little side hustle... It was time to take it full time. One of the scariest things to do is quitting your day job and I managed to do it blindly and stupidly after only 4 months but I was determined to make this work!

I broadened my reach and tried to start a second brand focusing on videogames and pop culture, EightBitGraphics for anyone that remembers. It was a fun time and I was able to pour my nerdy interests into it but unfortunately it fizzled out since it's such a saturated market. You can find popcult stickers anywhere...  I partnered with a friend who could make shirts using heat transfer vinyl. I started making racing numbers with magnetic backing with every color being die-cut vinyl(pain in the ass). And I started setting up a few vendor booths like at Miatas at the Gap

I literally knew NOTHING back then and learned as I went and the more I learned, the better the business did. From hand writing addresses and licking stamps to now using shipping discount apps and thermal label printers. From hand layering die-cut vinyl for multiple colors to using highend vinyl printers/laminators. From a small plotter in my apartment bedroom to 3 offices in my house, I think you get it... It has been a LONG 10 years of work, late nights and learning. And that's what it takes.

I'd say in 2020 is really when I caught my break. Covid hit... Everyone was stuck at home, bored as shit, and just wanted to work on their car! Business quadrupled. I think at this point at had one one part time friend helping with production and ended up hiring him on full time, all from my cramped office in my small house. in 2020 I ended up marrying the love of my life, buying a house, and eventually having her on staff as my head of shipping. 

Today, we're still based out of our home, using the front half of our house as an office but it works well. I have considered opening a shop and maybe offer wraps but overall my strengths lie in internet marking. Overall I've learned a TON in 10 years. How to start and run a business, how to be a boss and have people rely on you, and now how to be a husband and father. I still focus on the little things that started this business and made it great like simple decals and keeping creative new designs first. I am happy to say that I still have that spark of a car enthusiast in my heart to drive this as a successful car culture brand and company.

-Scott Simsa



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