We've created this product with multiple Make/Model options to fit your car! The selections we have added here are make/models the LRB Speed has already created to perfectly fit your car. 

The vinyl options we have added are basic vinyl materials we have in stock, no we can not color match. If you would like a custom image, all we need for print is a highres image. Please contact us with your image at scott@spinnywhoosh.com

  • Engineered and manufactured in house in the USA by LRB Speed. 
  • CNC cut from 0.063″ (1.5mm) aluminum, finished with an even brushed finish
  • Panel is 2″ larger in each dimension than the opening for the roof in the chassis’s body, and comes pre-drilled for all the fastening rivets. (EXAMPLE: If your sunroof opening measures 32″ x 24″ the panel we provide will be 34″ x 26″)
  • Saves weight from the car’s highest point by removing the heavy sunroof assembly
  • Rivets, instructions, and the proper sized drill bit are all included so all you will need is a tube of RTV Silicone to seal it, and a riveter.

If you have any questions please contact us! 


-This product requires you to permanently “disfigure” your cars roof by drilling holes into it.  While it is reversible if you do re-sell the car, the roof will be scarred from all the hole piercings and require body work.  Easy install, but we can not be held liable for any errors inflicted to your roof or car as a result from installation of this product.  By buying this you accept all risks and responsibilities associated.

-This product is designed around the OEM factory sunroof of your selected make/model. The panel will be 2″ larger in each dimension to ensure proper coverage. (EXAMPLE: If your sunroof opening measures 32″ x 24″ the panel we provide will be 34″ x 26″) If your car has an aftermarket sunroof installed, this may not fit. If you need a custom size made for your aftermarket sunroof we offer those as well through our site!
PLEASE NOTE: Every product is custom made to order, not a product sitting on a shelf. As such, each order takes some processing time (usually 3 weeks) to produce, package and ship. If there are any questions we have on your design (most of the time there isn’t, but we do get some combinations that are tough to see), we will send an email to you about your order. 



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