Sakura Livery V1 Installation

So this installation writeup is for our die-cut V1 Sakura livery found HERE. The photos shown were taken over 4 years ago on the every first Sakura Livery I made and installed. The transfer take is now all in one piece and everything is much better crafted. 

Step1) Place tree on the side of your car with several pieces of tape and get a general idea of where you would like to install the livery. 

Step 2) Place one long piece of tape down the middle of the tree branch. (Shown in the photo is slightly incorrect. It needs to be 1 long piece) This will act as a hinge for step 3. 

Step 3) Keep one piece of tape on one hold holding that side FIRMLY in place and pull back opposite side. 

Step 4) Pull back backing paper and CUT the backing paper off. DO NOT RIP, this can leave paper fibers in the vinyl. 

Step 5) Spray surface of car with water/application fluid, DO NOT GET REMAINING BACKING PAPER WET. Then squeegee down the branch.

Step 6) Pull the remaining paper of the other side, spray down surface and squeegee rest of the tree.

Step 7) Pull back the application tape onto itself at an 180 degree angle. If any vinyl starts pulling up, stop, push it back down, and continue pulling back tape. 

That's it! That final picture, it is better to start at the bigger end of the branch at the front of the car. After you will stick on the flowers where ever you'd like them to be placed. 


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