Dragon Ball Door Card Design

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Our Dragon Ball Door Card Design is made to order with your selected color options! This product is designed to contain 2 sets of vinyl, one to fit each door card. We've also added the option to have these installed onto your door cards or to have them shipped directly to you to install yourself. This is a brand new product and made to order, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

To have this design installed and shipped to your door you MUST purchase the aluminum panel along with this vinyl design. The price includes all additional shipping fees. 

Backing Color - Choose to have your door cards completely wrapped in a color of your choice. 

Color 1 - Main image color(Goku, Shenron, etc)

Secondary Color - Cloud color(recommended: chrome colors!)

PLEASE NOTE: Every product is custom made to order, not a product sitting on a shelf. As such, each order takes some processing time (usually 2 weeks) to produce, package and ship. If there are any questions we have on your design (most of the time there isn’t, but we do get some combinations that are tough to see), we will send an email to you about your order.