Martini Stripes Livery

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  • $200.00

A homage to the iconic Martini liveries of the 70s through today! This look will never fade! 

  • Includes 2 main 72"x17" stripes of red, dark blue + light blue striping. 
  • Includes 1 main 22" long Martini logo and 2 15" long door logos.
  • Additional options: 
    Add another 72"x17" main strip. (Recommended for Miatas with hardtops and other larger cars.)
    Add 2 72"x4" red, dark blue + light blue side stripes. 
    Add magnetic backing to Martini logos. 

This livery is made with the highest quality self-adhesive vinyl guaranteed to last up to 6 years without cracking or fading. Please contact us for any questions or alterations you'd like made to this product. For example, stripe width, color combos, etc. This product is 100% made to order and can be customized to your needs.